We deliver a complete DevOps solution that will accelerate your implementation, reduce costs and improve security.
A Comprehensive Approach
Stratus understands that DevOps it not a one-size-fits-all product but a collection of products, workflows, and people that work seamlessly together to form a cohesive solution.

Spanning cloud, virtualization, cyber security, and automation Stratus Solutions professional services is a complete DevOps offering. Our engineers have proven experience implementing tailored DevOps solutions using the right commercial and open source technologies for a variety of businesses, large and small, across multiple industries.

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The Right Tools
The landscape of DevOps tools is complex, requiring a wide variety of engineers to implement a properly tailored solution. Stratus, as a trusted partner, shoulders the burden of building a team of DevOps experts, allowing you to focus on your mission rather than the machinery serving it.
The Right Infrastructure
Strategies to leverage the power of cloud services to engineer hybrid infrastructures for increased performance, cost savings and security enhancements. Implementation expertise to ensure infrastructure transitions are seamless between VMWare, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure platforms.

The Right Results

By adopting agile methodologies and advanced testing technologies, Stratus reduces product defects allowing you more time for innovation to improve your solution.

Using advanced cloud strategies and DevOps platforms, Stratus transforms your business to use scalable services based on actual demand to substantially reduce operating costs.

Through automation, Stratus streamlines product release cycles from development to production allowing you to have a quicker path for new product versions to reach your customer's hands.

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