Our Internship Program is designed to get interns involved in meaningful, real-world projects that carry direct mission impact. At Stratus, our interns work on the same problems as some of our most senior engineers in the areas of: software development & engineering, cloud infrastructure, cyber security, machine learning, telecommunications research, and more. And, make no mistake about it, we want to hire you when you're done! We routinely provide full-time offers to our interns so they can continue working on the same sort of projects that made their internship so memorable.

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Internship Project Highlights

At Stratus, our interns are given engaging and interesting work that build on their current skill set and passions. These past intern projects highlight the kind of exciting work you'll do as a Stratus intern.

Autonomous Multi-Sensor Robotic Vehicle

Our interns developed a fully-autonomous robotic car using cutting-edge simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) techniques.

3D Printing

Stratus interns assisted in various 3D printed efforts (printing replacement parts, handling print requests, etc). They Also began building an automated solution to handle user 3D print requests.

Machine Learning

We've used machine learning techniques like particle swarms and Kalman filters to perform RF-sensor geo-location and localization.

Our Interns Are Saying....

Mission Critical Projects

"The opportunity to work on a real, mission-critical research project is what awaits you as a Stratus intern. Since Stratus is a well-known entity in this sector, you will be given freedom to explore, learn from, and implement a project unlike any other — potentially from the ground up."

—Matt, Information Security Intern

Challenging & Engaging

"I was given lots of freedom in selecting my project. My supervisors at Stratus took the time to learn about my interests and worked with the government side to come up with a project that was right for me, which has proved quite challenging, engaging, open-ended, and applicable in the real world."

—Ben, Data Science Intern

Real-World Impact

"My summer at Stratus was both stimulating and rewarding. I was able to work on challenging projects with real world impact alongside a community of helpful people."

—Collin, Full Stack Engineering Intern

Work Hard, Play Even Harder

Stratus regularly hosts fun engagement events including:

  • Team Escape Room Events
  • Orioles Games
  • Crab Feast & BBQ
  • Team Dinners & Happy Hours

  • Tech Talks
  • Movie Nights
  • Holiday Parties
  • and more!

Full-Time Employment is the Goal

At Stratus we do our best to bring interns on for full-time employment. Why Stratus? Our strong technical leadership, unique culture, and generous benefits are just a few reasons to join our team.