We are mission-oriented problem solvers who are passionate about what we do.
About Us
We founded Stratus on questioning the status quo. Our people do the same today. We tackle big problems and encourage big ideas.

We feed ambition with opportunities to learn and advance. We grant autonomy to make changes when they are needed and give credit where credit is due. In so doing, we unleash people’s utmost potential and give our customers the best support possible.

Our Values

We believe people with purpose drive themselves to do the right things. We keep protocol light, trusting their foresight and vision to follow through. Where others may manage and monitor, we remove barriers, align resources, and get out of the way. Support that enables people is how we accelerate work that’s worth doing.

We aren’t afraid to chip away or flat out destruct the status quo. No problem is too big, no method is too new, no idea is beyond consideration. To our skilled and competent experts, we say, “Go for it.” Unencumbered by our flat structure, they actually can. That’s something we’re proud to say now and committed to say as we grow.

We aren’t big on titles or pedigrees, but we are big on working for what is good and worthy of commendation. Where bureaucracy rewards working in the right order, we acknowledge working in order to do right. We set status aside, believing the best praise is earned through earnest actions and measured impact.

Contact Us
We’re seeking people driven to face important challenges. We look forward to hearing from you.