Our Officers are forward-thinking innovators with years of experience in government and commercial industries.

Meet our Officers


Dede Dascalu


Dede is an engineer with expertise in cloud infrastructure, cloud security, agile management, and the design and implementation of network systems. He completed a B.S. in computer science at the University of Virginia. His experience includes serving as:

  • Senior network engineer for DoD research directorate projects
  • Senior cloud migration engineer
  • Security architecture engineer, and certification and accreditation SME
  • Technical leader and program manager at Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Technical leader on various Intelligence Community programs

Sean O'Keefe


Sean is an industry-recognized subject matter expert in U.S. Government and commercial security protocols, implementation standards, evaluation procedures, and network architecture. He completed a B.S. in physics at Harvey Mudd College, and then an M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the University of California, San Diego. His experience includes serving as:

  • Internet Encryption Portfolio Lead for the NSA/CSS Office of Cryptographic Solutions
  • Technical Director for Security and Evaluation at the NSA/NCSC Office of Network Engineering
  • HAIPE Program Manager and Technical Director for the NSA's Office of Networks and Space Products and Technology
  • Leadership roles in Information Assurance and Software Engineering at ViaSat and QUALCOMM, Inc.

David Boyd


David is an engineer with expertise in software development, network modeling, simulation, protocols, and architecture. His training began at Clemson University, where he completed B.S. in Computer Engineering, and continued at Johns Hopkins University where he completed an M.S. in Technical Management. His expertise includes serving as:

  • Technical Director of Professional Services at OPNET Technologies
  • Lead Engineer at Joint Tactical Radio Systems, for Waveform Model Development, Warfighter Information Network/Tactical, and Future Combat Systems
  • Various senior technical roles for the DoD and U.S. Intelligence Community