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Key Features of Cloud Governance @ Scale

Account Management

  • Centralized management of all cloud accounts and resources aligned to the organizational hierarchy
  • Federated single sign-on for secure access to the AWS console
  • Automated, self-service creation of AWS accounts with CLI and API access

Budget Enforcement

  • Hierarchical budget alignment to individuals and projects
  • Configurable enforcement actions to alert, freeze spending, and terminate cloud resources when project spending thresholds are exceeded
  • Spending policies to proactively enforce responsible use of cloud services

Compliance Automation

  • Robust access policies to restrict use of non-compliant cloud services
  • Hierarchical inheritance of compliance policies across organizations
  • Integration with third-party compliance reporting tools to programmatically verify security controls

Why Do Executives Need Cloud Governance @ Scale?

My company overran its cloud budget by $500,000 last year. We are trying to move more workloads into the cloud but I have very little visibility and no control to prevent history from repeating itself.

How Our Solution Helps

Our solution's account governance approach allows for visibility and centralized management of all cloud accounts and access controls so leadership will always know what cloud accounts their organization manages, and who has access to each. In addition, our solution's budget monitoring and enforcement capabilities enable leadership to effectively manage cloud service spending across the entire organization, providing insight into spending trends and substantially reducing the risk of cost overruns.

Why Do Managers Need Cloud Governance @ Scale?

My organization has instituted so much process for cloud projects that it takes forever to get the resources I need to help a customer. When we finally complete the project, we then need to go through time consuming compliance audits and frequently need to take additional time to fix the issues discovered.

How Our Solution Helps

Our solution puts the power back into a manager’s hands to perform typical account management functions. Instead of relying on a central cloud support team to create new project accounts or add users to existing projects, our solution’s intuitive interface and workflow allows managers to approve these types of common requests. From there, our solution automatically creates or modifies access to the accounts, substantially reducing the time required to get the team the access they need to quickly help their customers

Unlike competitors, our solution not only provides compliance monitoring but also enforcement, reducing the risk of non-compliance. Our solution’s intuitive access and hierarchical inheritance policies make maintaining your organization’s accreditation posture quick and painless. Our solution enforces access policies such that all cloud operations stay within the defined compliance guardrails. With our solution’s compliance automation feature, less effort is spent on manually enforcing security compliance regulations, enabling organizations to focus on what’s important–their core competencies, not IT support.

Why Do Technical Staff Need Cloud Governance @ Scale?

I am just learning how to use new cloud services for my projects and I didn't realize that one of my jobs caused us to overspend our team's budget last month. It's also so hard to remember which services I can use for which projects because of the complex compliance regulations.

How Our Solution Helps

With our solution’s real-time budget monitoring and enforcement feature, users always know where their budget stands. Because our solution doesn’t just monitor, it enforces, users no longer need to worry about overrun. Additionally, with our solution’s hierarchical account governance capabilities, users always know who to ask if more funding is needed.

Our solution’s compliance automation feature enables users to understand their compliance standing in real-time. With our solution, users stay within their organization’s defined compliance standards, without intrusive or sluggish processes and procedures. Instead of needing to understand the details behind every regulation, our solution helps guide users to the services allowed for their projects.

How is Our Solution Used?

Stratus Solutions implemented our solution as part of a broader cloud-based system to help our customer provide access to leading development tools and platforms to build innovative solutions and expand their talent pool. Our solution enabled our customer to overcome their AWS cloud adoption challenges while improving developer enthusiasm and productivity.

Why do YOU Need Our Solution?

When organizations migrate to public cloud service providers like AWS, they realize scalability and cost saving benefits almost immediately. As cloud adoption grows, without an enforceable governance model, organizations are left with a “virtual rats nest” of accounts and resources that are nearly impossible to manage. Additionally, keeping spending within IT budgets when individuals are provided self-service and programmatic access to create cloud resources is a major risk.

A standard AWS account over a 48 period can accrue more than $800,000 in charges. Our solution doesn’t just report, it enforces. With our solution, it’s easy for technical staff to create the resources they need and for senior leadership to ensure that users don’t exceed established budgets or violate regulatory standards as cloud adoption grows.

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